25 novembre 2009

Greeks love Foxy Shahzadi

Again the response from the people on the streets in Greece was very enthusiastic: They have been taking photographs and asking questions about the car, where it has come from and so on. Today in the morning in Thessaloniki we had breakfast at a bakery right next to the hotel that we were staying at and Miss Olga who works at the bakery seemed quite proud to pose with Foxy Shahzadi. Thanks for your welcome Greece. Σε ευχαριστώ Olga
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24 novembre 2009

23rd November: Gule, Gule Turkey !

We start the day with few photos of "Foxy Shahzadi" in front of the Blue Mosque and then another photo shooting at Total petrol pump in Altunezade on the asian side of Istambul (this car is getting photographed more than a model !). We say goodbye to Julien who is going back to Islamabad: thank you for your perseverance on the difficult roads of Iran and Turkey ! We then start our drive towards the Greece border where we get through quite easily, the only bad surprise was the price of the insurance for 1 month: 180 euros !... [Lire la suite]
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23 novembre 2009

22nd November: fixing Foxy Shahzadi before the european part of the trip

We spend most of the day fixing various problems: changing the battery, having some denting work done after damage done to the front bumper and body in the container, changing whippers... By that time, Salman and Julien go to Istambul by bus, because Julien needs to catch his flight back to Islamabad on the next morning. Haroon and Vincent meet the Pakstan Ambassador, Mr Tariq Azzizuddin who praises Foxy Shahzadi and recall his own trip from London to Lahore in 1975 in a Jaguar ! We then greet Mr Khalid Jamali who has been of... [Lire la suite]
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23 novembre 2009

21st November: the art on wheels tour team all together !

After the bad experience in the night, we decide to purchaise chains for the wheels: none of them can be fixed, the tyres are too big and the space separating them from the body of the car is too narrow. However, the weather is better, so we attempt again and Foxy Shahzadi makes proudly her way in the snow among fellow trucks and cars. At the top, it is however still snowing. We go up to Rifaye and discuss with some locals who tell us that the road to Shivas is very bad. We decide in consequence to divert our itinerary through Amasya:... [Lire la suite]
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23 novembre 2009

20th November: Iran - Turkey border

We got early morning to reach as soon as possible the border. We have to start the car with the jumping kit, as the battery is failing. Then we drive the 40km from Maku to the border: on the way we enjoy the wonderfull landscapes of the Mount Ararat and make few photos of Foxy Shazadi. When we arrive at the border, we are surprised to see a huge queue of buses and vans: theseare pilgrims from Dagestan going for Haj by road. They are there since the day before 1PM. There are problems with the turkish authorities for their transit so... [Lire la suite]
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19 novembre 2009

Foxy Shahzadi on the road again: from Bandar-e-Abbas to Maku

17th November: Finally, Foxy Shahzadi is proudly getting out of her container and the highly secured Rajaee Port. We leave at 4PM from Bandar-e-Abbas for a marathon journey: we have to join Salman and Haroon on Sunday 22nd in Ankara ! We therefore decide to drive on shifts without stopping over for night. Our mean speed is 50 km/h... But Foxy Shahzadi is behaving well on the road, the main problem is to find petrol: the "pump-e-benzin" are rare, availibility of "super" is irregular. The tank of Foxy Shahzadi is... [Lire la suite]
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18 novembre 2009

17th & 18th November: Marhaba from Istanbul

While Vincent and Julien drive Shahzadi through Iran towards Turkey, We (Salman and Haroon) arrived in Istanbul yesterday (i.e. 17.11.2009) due to administrative reasons. The streets of Istanbul smell of history which goes back a few thousand years. A local on the street told us today that anything less then a thousand years is not considered old in Istanbul. From the most beautiful mosques and museums to quaint streets and beautiful street side diners and cafes; being here feels like one is reliving the dynasty of the various empires... [Lire la suite]
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15 novembre 2009

Bandar-e-Abbas: the Far East

Here we are - at Bandar-e-Abbas, in front of the strait of Hormuz and Dubai. Bandar means port, Abbas stands for Shah Abbas the first who established the port in the 17th century. Since the Iraq-Iran war and the Gulf wars, Bandar-e-Abbas is regaining prosperity and is now a hub for goods going to Afghanistan and Central Asia- through newly built roads. It is a mixture of population with a significant sunni and hindu minority. The people here are called "bandaris". There is not much to see, the city is dedicated to... [Lire la suite]
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14 novembre 2009

12 and 13th November: Esfahan

Thursday and friday are the week-end days in Iran. Therefore, walking in the streets of Esfahan and visiting the famous sights was great because people of the city were out as well ! We went through the Imam Square, its mosques and palaces, visited the Jameh mosque and came in touch with the armenian community of New Julfa where 3 splendids churches are beautifuly restored. Another Beetle was found in front of the city hall, though old Renault 5 are much more frequent. The city of Esfahan, called by some "half of the world",... [Lire la suite]
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11 novembre 2009

11th November: last day in Tehran

The shipping company has taken over the clearing formalities. However, we just found out that the ship left Karachi... today (instead of 8th of November, as initially scheduled) !!! It will arrive in Iran on Friday 13th... On a positive note, Foxy Shahzadi is now insured in Iran. We got it done by simply walking randomly to an insurance company's office and found very nice helpful people who got the job done in half an hour with complementary tea ! We are leaving tonight by bus for Esfahan. We will visit the city in the day time... [Lire la suite]
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