19 novembre 2009

Foxy Shahzadi on the road again: from Bandar-e-Abbas to Maku

17th November: Finally, Foxy Shahzadi is proudly getting out of her container and the highly secured Rajaee Port. We leave at 4PM from Bandar-e-Abbas for a marathon journey: we have to join Salman and Haroon on Sunday 22nd in Ankara ! We therefore decide to drive on shifts without stopping over for night. Our mean speed is 50 km/h... But Foxy Shahzadi is behaving well on the road, the main problem is to find petrol: the "pump-e-benzin" are rare, availibility of "super" is irregular. The tank of Foxy Shahzadi is... [Lire la suite]
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18 novembre 2009

17th & 18th November: Marhaba from Istanbul

While Vincent and Julien drive Shahzadi through Iran towards Turkey, We (Salman and Haroon) arrived in Istanbul yesterday (i.e. 17.11.2009) due to administrative reasons. The streets of Istanbul smell of history which goes back a few thousand years. A local on the street told us today that anything less then a thousand years is not considered old in Istanbul. From the most beautiful mosques and museums to quaint streets and beautiful street side diners and cafes; being here feels like one is reliving the dynasty of the various empires... [Lire la suite]
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