15 novembre 2009

Bandar-e-Abbas: the Far East

Here we are - at Bandar-e-Abbas, in front of the strait of Hormuz and Dubai. Bandar means port, Abbas stands for Shah Abbas the first who established the port in the 17th century. Since the Iraq-Iran war and the Gulf wars, Bandar-e-Abbas is regaining prosperity and is now a hub for goods going to Afghanistan and Central Asia- through newly built roads. It is a mixture of population with a significant sunni and hindu minority. The people here are called "bandaris". There is not much to see, the city is dedicated to... [Lire la suite]
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14 novembre 2009

12 and 13th November: Esfahan

Thursday and friday are the week-end days in Iran. Therefore, walking in the streets of Esfahan and visiting the famous sights was great because people of the city were out as well ! We went through the Imam Square, its mosques and palaces, visited the Jameh mosque and came in touch with the armenian community of New Julfa where 3 splendids churches are beautifuly restored. Another Beetle was found in front of the city hall, though old Renault 5 are much more frequent. The city of Esfahan, called by some "half of the world",... [Lire la suite]
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11 novembre 2009

11th November: last day in Tehran

The shipping company has taken over the clearing formalities. However, we just found out that the ship left Karachi... today (instead of 8th of November, as initially scheduled) !!! It will arrive in Iran on Friday 13th... On a positive note, Foxy Shahzadi is now insured in Iran. We got it done by simply walking randomly to an insurance company's office and found very nice helpful people who got the job done in half an hour with complementary tea ! We are leaving tonight by bus for Esfahan. We will visit the city in the day time... [Lire la suite]
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10 novembre 2009

10th November: Foxy Shahzadi has a friend in Tehran

  At Imam Khomeini square in central Tehran, we saw a 1954 model Beetle !      
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10 novembre 2009

9th November: Iqbal Day in Pakistan

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09 novembre 2009

9th November: day 2 in Tehran

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