Today we drove from Thessaloniki (our first stop in Greece) to Athina. We started out early in the morning after breakfast with the hope that we will reach Athina by 2:00 PM in the afternoon. But, as all road trips go - we finally reached Athina around 5:30 PM. The people in Greece love shahzadi's colors and the culture that it projects. While on the motor-way, a whole bunch of people gave Shahzadi the credit that it so truly deserves. Again, for the team it was a source of great pleasure. The hype did not end just there as we noticed while driving towards Athens that Shahzadi was being photographed by almost everyone who saw her.

On entering Athina, we drove towards the Piraus port where we bumped into people from the Pakistani community in Athens. This was a total coincidence and more than probably possible only due to the distinct culture that Shahzadi projects. At first sight, these guys knew what Shahzadi was all about. As evident from their expressions, the joy that they felt was beyond belief. As it turned out, we ended up going over to their house for dinner and tea. During the course of the journey we talked about everything starting from their lives in Greece to their economic contribution to the Pakistani economy and how much they miss their families and their country. The Art on Wheels team would like to thank these guys for having us over for dinner. We wish them the best of luck.

Tomorrow, we will drive Shahzadi to the Acropolis, a tour of Athens and then move towards Patras from where Shahzadi and her men will board a ferry to Italy.