After the bad experience in the night, we decide to purchaise chains for the wheels: none of them can be fixed, the tyres are too big and the space separating them from the body of the car is too narrow. However, the weather is better, so we attempt again and Foxy Shahzadi makes proudly her way in the snow among fellow trucks and cars. At the top, it is however still snowing. We go up to Rifaye and discuss with some locals who tell us that the road to Shivas is very bad. We decide in consequence to divert our itinerary through Amasya: the road is full of wholes and mud but still better than snow without chains ! From Amasya to Ankara the road is very easy and we can drive fast and join with Haroon and Salman around 10PM, at Mr Khalid Jamali's home, who is a friend of Haroon working for the Pakistan Embassy in Ankara. We spent a great evening, sharing experiences and enjoying a nice dinner: the art on wheels tour team is complete ! And from Bandar-e-Abbas to Ankara, Foxy Shahzadi deserve gratitude for not giving any major mechanical problem on the 3200km distance !