We got early morning to reach as soon as possible the border. We have to start the car with the jumping kit, as the battery is failing. Then we drive the 40km from Maku to the border: on the way we enjoy the wonderfull landscapes of the Mount Ararat and make few photos of Foxy Shazadi. When we arrive at the border, we are surprised to see a huge queue of buses and vans: theseare pilgrims from Dagestan going for Haj by road. They are there since the day before 1PM. There are problems with the turkish authorities for their transit so the custom process is very lengthy. We have to wait ... 8 hours ! But Foxy Shahzadi is again an attraction, the people from Dagestan enjoys it, and shows great for the portraits of Pakistan's great leaders... At 4PM we are in Turkey, driving towards Erzurum where the fuel card granted by Total is waiting for us. We receive a warm wellcome and then proceed to Ercincan: the weather is bad, rain and snow but Foxy Shahzadi can still progress. We refuel in Ercincan: it is 1AM and we want to go towards Sivas: we are trapped into a snow storm, Foxy Shazadi is strong on her wheels but the slope is sharp and the engine only 1200cc... after 30 km, on first gear, Foxy Shahzadi cannot move, we have to go back to Ercincan: we find a room and hope that tomorrow's weather will allow us reaching Ankara where Haroon and Salman are waiting for us.