17th November: Finally, Foxy Shahzadi is proudly getting out of her container and the highly secured Rajaee Port. We leave at 4PM from Bandar-e-Abbas for a marathon journey: we have to join Salman and Haroon on Sunday 22nd in Ankara ! We therefore decide to drive on shifts without stopping over for night. Our mean speed is 50 km/h... But Foxy Shahzadi is behaving well on the road, the main problem is to find petrol: the "pump-e-benzin" are rare, availibility of "super" is irregular. The tank of Foxy Shahzadi is only 40 liters capacity, and on the other side she is quite greedy, consumming 10-11 liters per 100 km ! Therefore we have 3 additional jericans (total 40l), and we have to rely on the milage since the gage is very less reliable. Anyway, we are going through wonderful landscapes, heading during the first night towards Shiraz then Persepolis. We arrive there at 4Am in the morning and decide to sleep in the car on the parking, waiting for the site to open: we have a one hour wonderful visit of this world heritage piece of antique architecture. The road to Esfahan (where we change money and have few pictures) is quite smooth, and we can experience the enthusiastic reaction of the iranians: people take pictures with their mobiles while on the road, horn with appreciation, and wherever we stop it is a rush of passers-by curiously admiring the piece of art that Foxy Shahzadi is. Iranian are aware that this art is coming from Pakistan and can easily read the poetry didsplayed on the car. The second night towards Tabriz is more difficult: cold, freezing on the windscreen impairing visibility, snow, rain but finally we are not too much delayed and we arrive in Tabriz around 12.30PM were we stop for petrol and food. The last part of the road is easier and we arrive at 4PM in Maklu. Foxy Shahzadi did a great job, 1920km in 48 hours, but the drivers need now a good night before entering Turkey tomorrow.