We are trying to sort out the modalities of clearance of the car from the port of Bandar-e-Abbas, which is not an easy job. We have to go to the office of the shipping company who has been mandated for it, but Foxy Shahzadi “is not in their systems”. We however hope that with phone calls to the shipping company in Karachi, the things should be cleared by tomorrow. Having sometime free, we have a walk in the street of Tehran, going through Imam Khomeini square, Tehran bazaar and the parade ground. Paintings in the street recall the martyrs of the war against Iran and in front of the official buildings verses of the Coran are displayed. The life seems all normal, shops are full of goods with display of the latest stuff in the electronic bazaar. Unless we speak, we are not identified as foreigner and we are therefore moving around without any problem. Young couples are holding their hands, young ladies are wearing jeans, black chamiz and scarf most often. The metro is the only reasonable way of moving from one place to the other. Unfortunately it is far from covering the whole city. In the afternoon, we went to the Pakistan embassy where M. Sajid Bilal, first secretary, is helping us in solving our administrative issues. We spent a really good time with him, discussing a number of topics about Pakistan, Iran, capitalism, corruption and even jins !!! We have dinner with him in an Indian restaurant before coming back to our hotel “Ferdossi”. The receptionist is speaking French, which is quite appreciated!